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How to ensure your safety as a trucker

Monday, November 1, 2021 - 09:31
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When you are working as a trucker, whether you are new to the business or you have started out for the first time, it is important to do everything you can with the utmost safety. In fact, safety should be your number one concern when operating on the road. To help you get an idea of the steps that you can put in place in order to ensure your safety while trucking, this guide has been created. It is worth reading the complete overview that has been written below in order to learn all about how you can keep safe as a trucker.

Put the Phones Away

As this tragic case shows, distracted drivers represent a very serious risk on the road, both to themselves and the other people around them. This means that when you are driving on the road, you should definitely make sure to put your mobile phone in a different place. If you do need to use your mobile phone as a mounted sat nav, then it is recommended to drive in airplane mode so you won’t be distracted by incoming messages.

Truck driver man sitting in cabin giving thumbs-upRemember To Rest

If you are driving for long periods of time, it is definitely recommended to take a proper rest every eight to 10 hours, with a full night’s sleep at the end of a proper shift. This is necessary in order to protect your health and the health of others around you. It is very important considering that, in 2018, 62 people were killed on the road as a result of fatigue.

Take Out The Necessary Insurance 

If you are driving a truck professionally, it is absolutely imperative that you make sure that your vehicle and the contents that you are driving are fully insured. This is so if you get into an accident, you will be safe in the knowledge that you will be covered financially, allowing you to get back into your work as quickly as possible. In addition to truck insurance, it might also be worth looking into the benefits of home insurance as well.

Always Inspect Your Vehicle

To make sure that the truck you are driving is safe, it is definitely recommended to engage in regular inspections. Without checking the different parts of it regularly, you could end up in a variety of difficult and stressful situations. You should be going through and making sure that your coolant levels, tire quality, brakes, spark plugs and filter oil are all working to the best of their ability. If you are not sure how to check every aspect of your truck to the best of its ability, then there is no shame in bringing in the help of a professional.

Know Your Routes

Knowing the routes that you are travelling on is imperative when it comes to car safety. This is because it enables you to know which roads are busier and which roads are safer, giving you better control over your travels. It’s worth memorising which routes are the best in order to ensure a successful time on the road.

source: UKHaulier

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