Fleet Alliance to manage 60-strong Mainstay Group fleet

Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 16:00
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DEAL: Martin Brown, of Fleet Alliance

Worcester-based residential property management company Mainstay Group have appointed Fleet Alliance to automate and professionalise management of their car and van fleet.

Mainstay, who operate throughout the UK with a workforce of 470 employees, previously relied on a manual system to manage their 60-strong fleet.

Fleet Alliance have moved all vehicles onto their online management system, e-fleet, which offers a suite of reports and allows the interrogation of any aspect of the operation.

At the same time, drivers have the choice of six manufacturers – Ford, Vauxhall, Seat, Volkswagen, Audi and Toyota – while senior management grades can also choose from BMW and Mercedes.

Mainstay also operate 17 Renault Trafic and Citroen Berlingo light commercial vehicles for facilities staff, and contract hire both cars and vans for three years/60,000 miles.

However, new vehicle contracts are based on actual mileages driven, to generate further savings within the fleet, while Fleet Alliance manage the company mileage quarterly.

Any contracts for vehicles under the agreed mileage can be amended and all savings generated passed onto Mainstay during the life of the contract.

Mainstay company car drivers can now utilise the e-fleet platform for new vehicle ordering online.

Meanwhile, managers use the system to generate reports into various aspects of the operation of the fleet, including predictive mileage and P11D reporting.

Karen Fox, Head of Employee Services at Mainstay, said: “Under our previous system, the availability of quality management information was very limited.

“We also operated a manual system for tracking and recording our vehicles, while the ordering of new company vehicles was labour intensive in the extreme.

“Now, by moving all of our fleet onto the e-fleet platform, we have an accurate record of all vehicles on the fleet, their mileages, service intervals and driver details.

“We find the e-fleet system brilliant to use and it provides us with excellent management information.

“It is a very user friendly system for not only Employee Services and our Accounts Department, but also for our remote workers who can access information via their phones or iPads, giving our drivers better access to their vehicle information 24/7.”

Martin Brown, Managing Director at Fleet Alliance, added: “We are delighted to have been able to fully automate the management of  the Mainstay Group fleet through our e-fleet platform.

“This also extends the range of services available to Mainstay drivers and allows them to not only access their details at any time, but also to provide key fleet information, such as vehicle condition and mileage reports, while working remotely.”

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