Toyota recall 30,000 faulty Prius models


RECALL: Prius hybrid suffers fault

Toyota are recalling more than 30,000 UK-registered Prius models due to an issue with the hybrid system’s boost converter software.

The problem, which has so far caused no reported accidents or injuries, affects 30,790 cars manufactured between March 2009 and February 2014.

Software used to control the boost converter in the Intelligent Power Module is responsible for the issue; the boost converter is required when driving with a high system load.

Toyota have identified the software setting could lead to higher thermal stress occurring in certain insulated-gate bipolar transistors in the boost converter, which may lead to deformity or damage.

Should this occur, warning lights may be illuminated and the car is likely to switch to ‘failsafe’ operation – meaning it can only be driven with reduced power.

In limited cases, the hybrid system may shut down, causing the vehicle to stop.

However, the driver will not experience any change in the vehicle’s behaviour or performance prior to the problem occurring.

All recalls will receive a free-of-charge update to the control software, carried out at the customer’s nearest Toyota centre.

Customers can check whether their vehicle is affected using a registration look-up function on the Toyota website.

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