E-Training World improve driver training modules

Friday, November 22, 2013 - 14:00
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MODULES: Graham Hurdle, E-Training World MD

E-Training World are enhancing the functionality of their training modules to enable deeper analysis of employees’ ongoing driving needs.

The new modules also ask questions on key topics, and include the ability to export driver responses so fleet managers can pinpoint need for further support.

E-Training World now offer a suite of 15 driver training modules.

Jonathan Mosley, Director of Sales and Marketing at E-Training World, said: “Fleet managers can now better interrogate the answers to identify the gaps in individual driver’s knowledge, enabling them to pinpoint with even greater clarity than before where future training interventions should be made.”

E-Training World’s e-driver training modules cover topics including rear-end collisions, parking and manoeuvring, vehicle checks, mobile phones, speed awareness, adverse weather conditions, hazard perception, UK road signs and markings, eco-driving and road rage.

It offers companies the chance to provide their staff with specific web-based training based upon the outcome of a driver’s risk assessment.