Government drink-drive campaign cuts blasted as death figures rocket 25%

Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 13:15
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DRINK DRIVING:  Road death numbers rise

Road accident deaths caused by drink-drivers rose by around 25% in 2012, new figures show.

Department for Transport statistics reveal that 290 people were killed in drink-drive accidents in Great Britain last year – a quarter higher than 2011’s figure of 230.

However, 2012 also saw a 5% year-on-year decrease in seriously injured drink-drive casualties, to around 1,200.

Neil Greig, Director of Policy at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said: “The number of people killed or seriously injured by drink drivers is the real indicator of success in dealing with those who present the biggest danger on our roads.

“The IAM is concerned that despite continued police campaigns the message does not seem to be getting through to a minority of drivers.

“This increase shows the critical need for the Department for Transport to reverse cuts in publicity funding and continue to ram home the message that drink-driving kills.”

Since 1979, when reporting began, there has been an almost six-fold reduction in the number killed in drink-drive accidents – leading to an all-time low last year.