Companies target accident reduction fleet insurance savings

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 12:00
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COLLABORATION: Firms unite in safety drive

Motor fleet insurance broker, ‘Just Fleet’, has teamed up with ‘How’s My Driving?’, aiming to help reduce the human and financial cost of road accidents in the UK.

Under the new partnership, all Just Fleet customers, using 3G front facing accident cameras, will pre-qualify for the road safety scheme’s membership, shown to cut accidents and save in associated costs.

Ben Burford, Managing Director at Just Fleet commented: “How’s My Driving? is committed to helping make a cultural change within commercial vehicle operators by encouraging improved driving and identifying areas of underperformance.

“Therefore, the scheme will complement our innovative offering by helping minimise road accidents and contributing to reduced insurance premiums.

“With this in mind, it makes sense for our customers to adopt a combined fleet package to take advantage of the added cost and performance benefits it can provide.”

How’s My Driving? uses highly visible yellow and black stickers on the back of each van or HGV that encourages other road users to report any examples of positive or negative driving.

Not only does the badge act as reminder to drivers to concentrate on their driving style, but through the simple and effective report back system, the scheme also allows operators to identify and address any potential problem areas with individual employees.

Ian McKay, Managing Director at How’s My Driving? said: “We are already a proven risk management tool that is used by companies operating a combined total of over 10,000 commercial vehicles in the UK.

“Working alongside Just Fleet we can have a significant impact on insurance costs, as well as protect drivers, improve business reputation and support duty of care.

“Today’s incident is tomorrow’s accident, so it is essential to adopt a strategy that engages with drivers, takes advantage of valuable insight and promotes high levels of safety.”

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