Chevin gain high-level security accreditation

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 12:00
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CREDIT: Chevin gain IS027001 certification

A high level of information security is being promised by a new accreditation received by Chevin Fleet Solutions.

The fleet management software company have won certification for the ISO27001 information security standard, which specifies and audits processes intended to bring information security under clear and unambiguous management control.

Chevin worked with Derby-based FPA Consulting on the project and Sue Cook, Consultant, said that, unusually, no non-conformances having been raised as part of the process.

“We have very much enjoyed working with Chevin and have been very impressed by their standard of commitment to ISO27001,” she said.

“Zero non-conformances is an achievement.”

Becky Nash, Project Manager at Chevin, added: “As a provider of fleet management software to some of the largest and most important fleets in the UK and worldwide, information security is crucial to us in order to protect the interests of our customers.

“Achieving the ISO27001 standard means that our client base can rest assured that their information is protected with strong management systems in place.

“We would like to thank FPA for their support and professionalism.”

Chevin are a global provider of dedicated fleet management solutions.

Their software is used in more than 190 countries, providing solutions to the public, utility and corporate sectors as well as government and NGOs of all sizes.

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