Watch LIVE on FleetPoint: BMW i3 official worldwide unveiling

Monday, July 29, 2013 - 08:00
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BMW are officially unveiling their new, eagerly-awaited, all-electric i3 today – and FleetPoint is bringing you all the action LIVE!

The launch – at simultaneous events in London, New York and Beijing – begins at 1.15pm, and you can watch the action as it happens on the live stream below.

BMW claim their first-ever all-electric production vehicle will ‘transform the electric car market’.

The German manufacturer also say the car is ‘one of the most highly-anticipated vehicles ever’ and ‘brings a level of connectivity never before seen in an automobile’.

The BMW i3

Unique in being made entirely from carbon fibre reinforced plastic, the i3 is produced from a completely sustainable production cycle.

This, combined with a suite of innovative parking and charging plans, will make owning an electric easier and more appealing than ever before, BMW claim.

BMW have developed a revolutionary ownership model for the i3 similar to that of the mobile phone market.

Under the model, a monthly fee covers vehicle rental, recharging costs and servicing, alongside potential upgrades to larger vehicles – or petrol vehicles – for longer journeys such as summer holidays.

BMW have also created a £65million venture capital company, BMWi Ventures, to create and promote mobile apps and mobile technology.

This forms part of BMW’s long term growth strategy within the new mobility products and services market.

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