Isotrak and Wireless Logic strike £1.9million connectivity deal

Friday, July 26, 2013 - 15:15
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PARTNERS: Isotrak and Wireless Logic deal

Leading fleet telematics and systems integration specialists Isotrak are entering a three-year, £1.9million deal with Europe’s largest independent M2M-managed services provider Wireless Logic.

The partnership involves a base of more than 50,000 SIM subscriptions, alongside ambitious growth plans revolving around connectivity solutions in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

It will open new opportunities for Isotrak clients, which include many of the UK’s best-known fleet operators such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Eddie Stobart and DHL.

Andrew Hutson, Sales Engineer Director of Isotrak, said: “We are delighted to be commencing this important relationship with Wireless Logic.

“As two progressive and innovative organisations, we share the same values – this partnership will be good for our customers.”

“We have enjoyed good service and support yet the market is demanding more flexibility and choice.

“We set about a mission to identify independent providers that could give access to multiple networks and a range of value-added services enabling us to create tailored solutions to our growing customer base.”

All Isotrak customers currently benefit from a bespoke management platform backed by a high-availability Service Level Agreement and utilisation of technology from partners such as Microsoft and Dell.

A fundamental aspect of the entire Isotrak proposition is resilient mobile connectivity across GPRS and 3G.

Until now, Isotrak’s airtime provision was exclusive to one operator and its range of tariffs.

Through a rigorous search, the Isotrak team identified Wireless Logic as their preferred future partner, given their solid relationships with all UK and many European networks.

The bulk of Isotrak’s connectivity will continue across the Vodafone network with all subscriptions being ported onto the Wireless Logic platform.

Added to this, Isotrak clients will now be offered a range of tariff solutions that can accommodate their preference of network.

Matt McPherson, UK Sales Manager for Wireless Logic, said: “Isotrak’s need demonstrates the importance in which major telematics organisations place in their connectivity provider.

“Better real-time visibility, more control, and one management platform for multiple networks were all critical in their decision marking.

“Utilising our provisioning, management and billing platform ‘SIMpro’ delivered the answers that Isotrak required.”

Mr Hutson added: “Providing the flexibility of network choice and tariffs gives us a USP that ensures best value and better transparency.

“And with the arrival of 4G, we now have comprehensive accessibility to all appropriate networks, particularly in regard to new service offerings such as our mobile data applications.

“Here, we require faster technology for mobile handset-based image signature or image capture, as well as more data-rich applications such as remote tachograph downloads.”

Wireless Logic will also build on the aggregated data models that Isotrak have utilised in the past.

“In essence, we are enhancing the work of Vodafone to take Isotrak to the next level in tailored M2M managed services connectivity,” added Mr McPherson.

“We have put in place the most resilient of platforms together with first class service support – freeing up the Isotrak teams to focus on their growing telematics offerings.

“We will deliver solutions that precisely match each of their telematics requirement.

“With Wireless Logic, it will not be ‘one size fits all’.”

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