Why luxury fleets are worth the extra investment

Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 08:29
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Vantage Motor Group give their thoughts on how spending a little extra on a little more fleet luxury can prove to be a great investment for your business.

The choice of vehicle for your fleet can dramatically alter your finances, image, carbon footprint and even work-ethic.

Your fleet should be an asset to your company, so luxury brands are preferable to lower-end cars

Here is why.

Higher end marques offer a wider variety of models, and this is great news for your business.

It means you are given the freedom to choose options that will suit you and your workforce.

The luxury brands tend to offer more scope for customisation, meaning your investment will be built around you to satisfy your needs, making it worth the time and money spent.

Another practical benefit of opting for a luxury brand for your fleet is that high performance, sporty models offered by such brands are ideal for long distances.

This means they can be relied upon for important journeys thanks to features tailored for long-distance and a variety of terrains.

Prestigious brands are surprisingly down-to-earth in terms of practicalities, offering options such as four-wheel drive and high-precision steering.

Another huge benefit for your company is that although high-end cars are often a larger investment, they are actually more cost-effective than less distinguished brands.

To begin with, the durability of a high-end vehicle is well worth the investment, as less will be spent on maintenance costs.

There is also less to spend on fuel as these kinds of cars utilise the latest technology available to reduce fuel consumption.

Choosing hybrid versions of luxury models doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of your driving experience, and you will reap the huge financial rewards both in terms of reduced fuel consumption and reduced tax thanks to lowered emissions.

The option to lease high-end vehicles is often offered and is another money-saving bonus.

The lowered fuel consumption of luxury vehicles is not only far more economical financially, but will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

This is definitely something many businesses should take into account, especially those with larger fleets.

Every step towards being eco-friendly counts and in this case the difference can be huge.

Bearing the environment in mind will not only benefit the earth and your conscience; but also the reputation of your company and the wider public’s trust in your services.

Your business lease can powerfully influence your company’s prestige in the eye of the consumer and general public.

Luxury cars will make a strong, lasting first impression alluding to a smart and professional business.

A higher-end choice is marvellous for branding, whether you are a large company wishing to uphold a strong corporate identity, or a small start-up business with the need to create a buzz about your company by using quality branded cars.

Whether for business trips or commutes, the cars you select for your fleet should be treated as extra assets, contributing to your image – so going high-end is highly beneficial.

From the point of view of your workforce, a luxury option would of course be preferable.

This is not without reason, as it is important for your team to be happy and comfortable in their working lives.

This is what a luxury marque will provide – for many working people their car is a huge part of their working environment, and a comfortable luxury interior will promote a positive attitude to work in your colleagues.

Making important business phone calls whilst travelling is a very common requirement for the modern business person, and the silent, smooth drives that luxury cars make hands-free calling easier and more efficient.

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