Business Hub provides insight into fleet EV Charging

Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 09:01
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NewMotion introduces its new Business Hub developed for companies that are making the switch to – or scaling up their – e-mobility. The platform allows businesses to monitor, analyse and control all aspects of their NewMotion charging infrastructure and their EV fleet charging. The detailed level of data gives crucial insights into the total cost of ownership of EV fleets and EV infrastructure efficiency.

The Business Hub comes as part of NewMotion’s comprehensive business packages. The platform is used with NewMotion’s smart charge points and charge card and allows remote access management, tariff setting and cost allocation. Companies can see real-time data on the status of charge points from one easy-to-use platform – whether it is just a handful of charge points at one location, or hundreds across dozens of locations.

Easy-to-use platform

The first NewMotion clients have already started using Business Hub. “At IKEA Netherlands we have multiple NewMotion charge points spread across twelve of our store locations. The Business Hub makes managing our charging infrastructure for customers and employees easy. I can now control all charge points and cards from one platform. It saves me time and it’s really simple to use.” says Willie Looman, Engineering Manager IKEA, responsible for the charge point management at store locations.

Insights help drive the e-mobility transition

Known barriers for adoption of e-mobility by businesses are the perceived difficulties with managing the EV infrastructure efficiency and controlling the EV fleet charging costs. With the granular data that Business Hub provides, companies will be able to improve efficiency and utilisation of their EV charging infrastructure.

“We see the need for businesses to be in complete control of the costs and usage of their EV fleet and infrastructure. With 10 years experience in the smart charging industry, we’re confident that the Business Hub will enable companies to overcome the hurdles they face when scaling up their e-mobility,” says Sytse Zuidema, CEO of NewMotion.

Business Hub comes with a business subscription and can be used with all NewMotion Business charge points and NewMotion charge cards. The platform will be continually updated with new features.

For more information about Business Hub visit this page.

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