Rainy days ahead

UK motorists should prepare for driving in hazardous wet weather conditions advises TrackDays.co.uk as October historically marks the start of the wettest months lasting through to January.

However, even more alarming are predictions from leading meteorological sources that the UK faces milder but wetter winters over the next century, making wet weather driving skills, which can be learnt on a skid control experience, even more important.

Skid control experiences improve real world driving skills

www.trackdays.co.uk itself has seen a growing recognition of the importance of car control through its skid control experiences, where motorists learn such skills as how to recover a slide, plus front-wheel, rear-wheel and four-wheel skids, with a 12 per cent increase in bookings year-on-year.

Imran Malek, operations manager at www.trackdays.co.uk, commented: “As the weather starts to turn nasty and we head towards the wettest period of the year, it is vital that motorists understand the hazards of driving in the rain.

“It would also appear to be a long-term concern if the UK faces wetter winters for many years to come. However, the good news is that an increasing number of Brits appreciate the dangers that lie ahead and are doing something about it by learning how to control a skid.”

Indeed, aquaplaning, when a car loses contact with the road surface and cannot be controlled, presents a very real danger when it is raining.

Among the tips to avoid aquaplaning include inflating tyres to their correct level, driving more slowly, avoiding hard braking and standing water.

Imran added: “Aquaplaning is a terrifying experience. Knowing what to do could make a real difference as sometimes our natural reactions could be the wrong ones and make the situation worse.”

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