‘Expel germs and stay safe’ urges Ring Automotive

Thursday, April 8, 2021 - 09:00
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As plans to ease the third UK lockdown begin to formulate, fleet managers are continually looking for ways to be proactive as possible and embrace innovative products that can help to expel harmful bacteria, particularly as movement from the general public is expected to increase.

Ring AutomotiveRing Automotive recognises that fleets are seeking opportunities that can maximise employee and customer safety, and since its launch towards the end of 2020, there has been a surge in demand for its Ring Auto Expel Misting Machine and Sanitising Liquid.

The new product has been designed to be used by drivers to kill dangerous germs and viruses.

Ring AutomotiveHenry Bisson, Ring Automotive marketing manager, said: “The industry has been a shining example of how we can pull together to not only add value to the customer, but protect them as much as possible. We believe that it’s thanks to this positive attitude and forward-thinking behaviour that the industry has remained open throughout the most recent lockdown.

“Our new machine provides customers with peace of mind, sanitising the entire vehicle cabin, including the air-conditioning system.”

The biocidal formula is proven to kill enveloped viruses, such as coronavirus and MRSA, and is suitable for use on all services, including leather and clothes.

The easy-to-use mist machine heats up the sanitising liquid and produces a fine dry mist, leaving no wet residue, so it is ready to instantly drive away.

Users simply need to run the machine for just five minutes and allow the dry mist to settle for a further 25 minutes, meaning the vehicle will be free from bacteria and viruses within half an hour.

To sanitise the vehicle’s air-conditioning system, the recycle air button needs to be switched on to pass the mist through the system.

As well as creating a safe and clean environment for customers, the ROHS approved mist machine will freshen the vehicle cabin, removing any unwanted odours.

An alternative option, the Auto Expel Sanitising Spray, is also available. Similar to the mist, it is specially formulated to kill germs, viruses and bacteria from all surfaces, including those that are porous or non-porous.

To achieve maximum effect, drivers are recommended to spray the surface with the sanitising liquid and wipe down with a cloth before and after carrying out work.

For the most effective clean, the spray should be used alongside the Auto Expel Misting machine on the touch points of the vehicle.


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