81% of consumers call for licence ban for reckless drivers

As the fifth UN Road Safety Week (6-12 May) calls for people to #SpeakUp and save lives, a survey from Venson, an independent UK wide fleet solutions provider, reveals escalating concern over reckless driving. 8 out of 10 people surveyed believe that all reckless motorists – regardless of their offence – should have their licence revoked and be made to re-take their DVSA theory and practical driving tests.

As it currently stands, driving dangerously can result in motorists facing imprisonment, an unlimited fine or an obligatory disqualification. However, these are the most severe penalties and drivers more commonly receive points on their licence.

This year’s UN Global Road Safety Week is stimulating demand by the public for stronger leadership regarding road safety worldwide. By raising awareness of on-road risks, this year’s campaign is urging people to lobby governments, international agencies, schools, universities and private companies to do more to make the world’s roads safer.

When it comes to driving on the UK’s roads, 25% of Venson’s survey respondents declared driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including prescription medication) the most reckless driving offence. In close second, 24% said speeding was the worst. Distracted driving, such as using a mobile phone or eating at the wheel, came in third at 12%.

Venson asked drivers how reckless driving by others should be addressed by the Government; 81% called for an immediate licence ban, 80% appealed for the introduction of harsher fines and 74% said they would like to see the maximum penalty increased for careless driving that resulted in a fatality (currently 5 years imprisonment. Over 64% would like to see compulsory speed awareness courses introduced – currently speeding offenders have a choice to either pay a fine or take a speed awareness course.

Alison Bell, Marketing Director at Venson Automotive Solutions, comments, “UN Road Safety Week shines a spotlight on the need for greater action, when it comes to reducing the risks for all road users. It’s clear from our survey that the British public would like to see more leadership from the Government as well as greater responsibility by private companies, with many calling for harsher penalties for reckless driving.

“As a fleet management company we take road safety and driver duty of care very seriously. That’s why we work with the Freight Transport Association and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents to encourage high standards and share best practice with businesses that operate company vehicles and manage grey fleet drivers. The Certificate of Excellence course for van fleets is underpinned by the FTA Van Excellence Code – www.vanexcellence.co.uk. By meeting their duty of care commitments to their drivers, businesses can play a significant role in improving the overall safety of UK roads, starting with the safety and efficiency of their fleets.”

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