Inchcape rolls out SalesMaster’s FLEETBASE across all brands

Automotive software specialist SalesMaster, has expanded its ongoing relationship with Inchcape after the renowned dealer group adopted the firm’s FLEETBASE platform for its business sales division.


Inchcape, who is already utilising SalesMaster’s STOCKBOOK program across its retail brands, chose FLEETBASE for the ease in which it can standardise customer quotations, invoicing, stock checking and reporting on one user-friendly platform.

Gary Nicholls, Fleet Director, at Inchcape, says: “The market in which we operate is evolving at a rapid pace. To ensure Inchcape meets the current and future needs of our customers, we trialled the FLEETBASE system on one of our premium marques and it quickly became apparent that the dedicated platform was facilitating an uplift in sales performance and importantly customer communication and customer satisfaction.

“After the brief trial, we took the decision to roll out FLEETBASE across a multitude of our brands. It provides a group-wide end-to-end tool where our cross-brand franchises can check stock within the group in real time, generate professional and accurate quotations for business customers as well as process invoicing from any digital device, across multiple teams and locations.”

FLEETBASE empowers businesses to generate comprehensive and live presentable reports, which is gathered from a rich set of data. Senior management can now monitor and analyse sales performance by number, model type, dealer site or by campaign or by financial performance, too. It gives automotive retailers the ability to be agile to identify any challenges quickly, thereby empowering them to make decisions in response to the market.

Chris Stott, Managing Director, SalesMaster, says: “We are delighted to grow our relationship with one of the world’s foremost automotive retailer groups. Inchcape represent a strong portfolio of fleet brands with a complex set of individual fleet and ordering systems, this is until now. FLEETBASE negates the complexities of multiple platforms by giving complete visibility across multiple sites or a large multi-brand group. In our experience, successful fleet businesses are built around efficient administrative processes, accurate cost control and top customer service. SalesMaster’s products are tailor made for this, providing clarity and rapid access to information, giving our customers the strategic and competitive edge.”

To cater for all business requirements, FLEETBASE represents a scalable solution design specifically to maintain accuracy of order processing as volumes increase.

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