Check-up app launched to help with drug driving law

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - 12:44
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DriverConnex launches ‘Check-Up’ app to help business comply with new drug driving law

With a survey revealing that less than one in five company car drivers understanding the new regulations on prescription drugs and driving which came into force last month, DriverConnex, has developed an easy to use app to help employees and their employers stay safe and compliant under the new laws.

The study found that while 52 per cent of drivers are aware of the new legislation, only 17 per cent actually understood the implications of the legislation.

It also revealed that employers need to do more to ensure their employees are complying with essential HSE guidance on driving at work. Nearly 60 per cent of employees stated their employer had never checked their driving licence and in over 70 per cent of cases their employer never checked if they complied with the Highway Code when driving.

Recognising these issues of risk for any size of organisation that has employees (and also contractors) driving for work purposes, DriverConnex has launched a ‘Check-Up’. The app provides a quick and simple process for employees to make declarations covering the key safety and compliance issues, pertinent to employees who routinely drive for work purposes.

The Check-Up’s include annual declarations regarding eyesight and driving licence, monthly declarations regarding alcohol and drugs and weekly declarations regarding vehicle maintenance. The app also automatically produces real-time alerts to line managers of employees failing to make a declaration.

Chris Clibbery, Commercial Director of DriverConnex commented: “We have devised this DriverConnex app to bring a simple solution to the increasing challenge for organisations of ensuring employees comply with legislation and best practice guidelines while driving at work.”

For organisations with established policies in place, DriverConnex Check-Up provides an important audit trail of driver declarations and compliance that is simple for line managers to implement.

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