UK tops road rage survey

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - 13:04
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Congestion the likely cause?

Britain has one of the world’s worst road-rage records, according to a survey.

A survey of more than 3,000 drivers in 20 countries has found that aggression and rudeness at the wheel is worse in Britain than anywhere else.

A poll for vehicle management company LeasePlan found that 76% of British motorists had been subjected to aggressive gestures while driving, compared with 73% in France, and only 43% in Germany.

Also, 73% of Britons had found themselves blocked in while driving compared with only 42% of French drivers.

The survey, which covered several European countries as well as India, also showed that 53% of Britons had experienced verbal aggression at the wheel, compared with only 47% in Germany and 44% in France.

Of the 20 countries surveyed, Turkey had the most polite drivers, with only 23% experiencing aggressive gestures. In Portugal the figure was 24%.

Just 15% of Turkish drivers and 17% of Dutch motorists had experienced verbal aggression, while only 13% of drivers in Turkey and just 15% in Norway had been blocked in by other drivers.

LeasePlan UK managing director Matt Dyer said: “What our research has uncovered is that heavily-congested roads and busy lives are taking their toll on UK drivers, and this is resulting in worrying levels of poor driver behaviour. Driver safety is our priority, which is why we recently applauded the Government for injecting £15 billion into improving our roads.”

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