OP-ED: We can all make a difference on Road Safety Week

Monday, November 17, 2014 - 09:00
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We’re asking everyone to look out for each other on roads

Road Safety Week runs from 17-23 November

This week marks the beginning of Road Safety Week – the UK’s biggest road safety event, coordinated annually by Brake and involving thousands of schools, organisations and communities.

The theme for Road Safety Week this year is ‘look out for each other’ – a sentiment fully supported by the team at FleetPoint and one that demands a focus on the needs of the most vulnerable road users so that everyone goes home safe every night.

With great leaps being made in road safety – whether it’s Volvo developing technology that enables 360* scan of trucks surroundings or Sainsbury’s launcing a unique lorry designed specifically for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians – we are urging drivers to also do their part to reduce risk and improve safety on the road. Please consider the needs of children on foot, cyclists, or drivers who may need a little extra time at junctions.

There are five simple but effective tips you can implement right now that will result in safer road journeys for everyone, not just for Road Safety Week but beyond:

  • Keep to the speed limit – respect 20mph zones in busy communities and be aware of stopping distances in wet weather
  • Get rid of distractions – switch your mobile off or but it in your glove box. No message or status update is so urgent it can’t wait
  • Read the road – anticipate problems as early as possible whether by not accelerating up to a junction or keeping an eye out for motorists pulling out from blind turns
  • Take it easy – whether you’re on steep corners or driving through country lanes always make sure you stop on your side of the road in the distance you can see ahead
  • It’s not a race or a competition – we’ve all played Grand Theft Auto and Gran Turismo and felt the need for a burn but there’s a reason they’re games! Focus on getting to your destination safely and calmly

What are you and your company doing to raise awareness during Road Safety Week? Let us know in the comments below

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