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61% of motorists look online for car warranty advice

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 - 15:30
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Allianz Global Assistance UK survey highlights the importance of online and digital marketing for dealers

The latest survey from Allianz Global Assistance UK reveals that the majority of motorists (61%) turn to the internet for vehicle warranty advice.  With significant numbers of used car owners now looking online to research warranty and servicing options, it is crucial that customers are targeted with relevant digital marketing activity, confirms Allianz Global Assistance.

When asked to list the various places they would turn to for advice on buying a warranty package, 28% would ask friends or family for a recommendation and 29% would go the dealer from whom they bought their car. This clearly highlights the importance of nurturing a good customer relationship and the value a positive experience can bring to a dealership.

Aurelie Honeysett, Digital Marketing Manager for Allianz Global Assistance in the UK, comments, “Interestingly, less than 4% of people we asked would look at newspaper and magazine adverts to find a warranty deal, with the overwhelming majority turning to the internet. It’s clear from our survey that online presence and digital marketing campaigns are key to reaching customers actively looking for a car warranty.

“Email campaigns can be timed and personalised, based on customer profile and behaviour. For example, emails can be tailored and sent prior to the warranty’s expiry, increasing the chance of a renewal. One of our latest warranty renewal email campaigns, sent on behalf of a manufacturer client, provided excellent ROI by achieving an impressive 9.4% conversion rate. Our survey results, backed up with the evidence of our own email campaign successes, show that investment in good digital marketing and focus on customer service can keep customers coming back.”

* Survey carried out by Allianz Global Assistance UK in August 2014, with 1,044 respondents

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