New technology for minicab fleets

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 - 15:01
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British-born Kabbee cuts dead mileage by half

British-born Kabbee cuts dead mileage by half for London cab drivers

This week Kabbee, London’s leading minicab booking and comparison app, rolled out its new GPS based Live Plot technology that reduces waiting time for its customers by up to 14 minutes on average, and halves dead mileage for drivers.

The new GPS-based software can pinpoint where drivers are available and show a real waiting time to customers – this reduces the amount of miles drivers travel without a passenger on board and cuts waiting times to a seven minute average.

The Live Plot technology has been created to benefit fleets, drivers and passengers, making the travel experience more enjoyable for customers and efficient for fleets. The customer saves time, the driver earns more and travels less, and less fuel is used per journey made. Win-win right?

Kabbee has already began rolling the technology out and aims for all fleets to be using it within the next six months. Since the introduction of Live Plot, the fleets are reporting an average of 35% increase in bookings, and a 20% reduction in dead mileage.

Kabbee’s Founder and CEO, Justin Peters, explains how Live Plot is improving the industry for fleets: “At Kabbee, we want to empower traditional fleets, rather than challenge them. London’s minicab industry is extremely advanced, and with enhanced systems and technology, it will become even more so. We’ve already seen a 20% reduction in dead mileage overall, which has transformed the earnings potential for thousands of London cab drivers.

“After launching the live test of what we believe is the world’s first app/dispatch system live integration a few months ago, we are already seeing the Live Plot technology reducing the average waiting time by around 14 minutes. We’re designed to make minicabs mighty, and this innovation is another step in the right direction.”

Sean McGrath, Founder of one of London’s largest airport specialist minicab fleets, Airport Direct, has already experienced a 15% reduction in dead mileage since going live with Kabbee’s Live Plot. He comments: “Dead mileage is the biggest issue in the industry, and Kabbee has cracked it. Overall, our drivers are experiencing a 15% reduction in dead mileage across the board, which also means an extra 10% increase in their monthly salary. Customers are key, and now that they can get a minicab quicker, everyone’s happy.”

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