VED: a quarter of a million grey fleet vehi...

Feb 18, 2020Comments off

Up to a quarter of a million business use vehicles, commonly referred to as ‘grey fleet’, could be evading Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) with a

BVRLA rallies industry response to vehicle ...

Feb 07, 2019Comments off

As the closing date looms on government’s consultation Review of WLTP and vehicle taxes, the BVRLA and other leading trade bodies are making a collective

Government fails to act on advice from indu...

Jan 16, 2019Comments off

The BVRLA shares the BEIS Committee’s disappointment in government’s recent response to the committee’s electric vehicle report, expressing concerns that opportunities are being missed to

VED changes proposed to turn white van man ...

May 24, 2018Comments off

The Government has opened consultation on the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rates for vans. Its aim is to bring van VED into line with passenger

BVRLA discuss tax disc scrap with DVLA

Jan 16, 2014Comments off

Delegates representing 18 rental and leasing companies received clarity from the DVLA about the new system

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