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Is 20mph the new 30mph?

Jul 19, 2021Comments off

A new survey from IAM RoadSmart suggests that support for reducing the speed limit on all urban roads to 20mph has increased in recent years.

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Report recommends default 20mph urban speed...

Jul 27, 2020Comments off

A default 20mph urban speed limit in Wales should be introduced as quickly as possible, with a target date of April 2023, a new report

Government set to revisit motorway speed li...

Oct 07, 2019Comments off

The speed limit on motorways could be raised to 80mph as drivers switch to electric vehicles, it has been reported. According to the Telegraph, transport

Motorway speed limit should be raised to 80...

Jul 12, 2019Comments off

The Department for Transport (DfT) have been conducting a study focusing on traffic speed and movements, the statistics released aren’t really a shock to anyone

Evaluation of the HGV speed limit change

Jul 01, 2019Comments off

In 2015, the maximum speed limit was raised for HGVs over 7.5 tonnes by 10mph. This means that trucks and lorries can travel at 50mph

20mph in Bristol ‘popular and people frie...

Jun 10, 2019Comments off

The introduction of 20mph speed limits across Bristol has been a ‘massive success’, according to the campaign group 20’s Plenty for Us. The roll-out of

City of London is set to become the UK’s ...

May 28, 2019Comments off

The City of London Corporation’s most senior decision-making body, the Court of Common Council, has voted to make the Square Mile the first area in

Rural speed limits putting road users at ri...

May 16, 2019Comments off

Brake is calling for a review of speed limits on rural roads, saying the current limit gives a false impression that 60mph is a safe

15mph speed limit proposed for City of Lond...

Oct 29, 2018Comments off

The City of London Corporation has unveiled new plans to tackle air quality, road danger and congestion – including the introduction of a 15mph speed

Majority of drivers continue to exceed 20 m...

Oct 01, 2018Comments off

New statistics show that during 2017, 86% of cars exceeded the speed limit on roads with a 20mph limit – with 18% breaking the limit