Is PCP really a problem? The FLA respond

Nov 07, 2018Comments off

Yesterday we ran an article that looked at the possibility that Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) could have been miss-sold; similar to the banking and insurance

Could PCP selling be the next PPI scandal?

Nov 05, 2018Comments off

Research conducted by Toluna on behalf of Motorama reveals that 53% of homeowners don’t know what the car finance abbreviation ‘PCP’ (Personal Contract Purchase) actually stands for,

Majority of online car and van buyers prior...

Jul 19, 2013Comments off

iVendi's Quoteware figures show 53% of dealer visitors put money first

Kia confirm huge 2013 Q3 offers

Jul 02, 2013Comments off

Customers can save up to £2,000 on selected Kia models

Skoda announce big summer offers range

Jul 02, 2013Comments off

Customers can enjoy three 0%-interest, fully-serviced years for free

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