Autonomous Trucking

First commercial freight platoons to appear...

Sep 04, 2019Comments off

Zenzic has today launched the world’s first self-driving roadmap, the UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030, to clearly show the connections, cross-sector interdependencies

Meet Vera, Volvo Trucks’ Electric, Autono...

Sep 17, 2018Comments off

Volvo Trucks is developing a new self-driving truck concept that could bridge the divide between the distant autonomous future and the pressing shortage of drivers

Remote Controlled Trucks Moving From Toy Sh...

Aug 06, 2018Comments off

Remote controlled vehicles are moving from toy store shelves into full-scale trucks for the freight and logistics industry. Swedish transport company Einride is developing the T-pod, a

Why software may be a weak link in autonomo...

Jul 10, 2018Comments off

If it’s frustrating when a computer or smartphone crashes, then imagine the feeling when the software powering an autonomous truck unexpectedly freezes or shuts down.

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