Tougher jail terms for banned killer drivers backed by 96%

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 13:00
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BACKED: Should banned killer drivers serve more time?

Plans to introduce tougher sentences for disqualified drivers who cause death or serious injuries have been backed by 96% of fleet operators.

The survey, by, found almost universal support for the proposals, which were announced by Justice Minister Chris Grayling earlier this month.

Under the new law – set to be implemented early next year – drivers who cause death while disqualified will face up to ten years in jail.

Banned drivers who cause serious injuries, meanwhile, will face up to four years’ imprisonment.

Kjell Anderton, Director at TrackCompare, said: “We thought most fleet operators would back the proposals, but the figure of almost 100% was completely unexpected.

“It just goes to show that professional drivers are as keen to support road safety as the rest of the population.”