Kabbee launch cab award scheme

Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 08:59
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REWARD: Kabbee launch Star of the Month

Kabbee are launching a new initiative to ensure London minicab drivers are rewarded for ‘excellent service’.

The  scheme – ‘Star of the Month’ – will reward what users of their app judge to be the top ten best drivers and minicab office controllers, based on instant feedback.

After each journey, passengers are prompted to rate their journey for punctuality, the vehicle and the driver.

At the end of each month, the top ten performing drivers will receive £200 each, and the top performing fleet will be rewarded £1,000 to share between the controllers.

Justin Peters, CEO and Founder of Kabbee, said: “We work with 70 of London’s best licensed minicab fleets, who take service extremely seriously – with some having won major national industry awards already.

“We designed Kabbee to ‘make minicabs mighty’, and part of that is to ensure minicabs are offering the best possible service.

“To ensure safety and quality, we put all licensed minicab firms through a tough 30-point check before they can provide quotes via the app.

“Once a fleet has been granted access to the Kabbee platform, they need to work extremely hard to stay there, by ensuring they provide a positive passenger experience on every journey.”

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