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Free driver app from Fleet Logistics aims to make life easy

Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 12:45
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The app-le of Fleet Logistics eye

Fleet Logistics have announced a free app to provide fleet drivers with access to all their key information.

The ‘Fleet Logistics Mobility Control App’ is now available for all users of Windows smart phones on Fleet Logistics 130,000 vehicles across Europe.

Android and Apple smart phones users will be able to use the app shortly which is available in all markets in which Fleet Logistics operates and in all the languages of those markets.

A platform is provided through which the driver can communicate with Fleet Logistics, keep their mileage records up-to-date, access details about preferred suppliers and find answers to frequently asked questions at any time of the day or night.

Barbaros Hooimeijer, International Director at Application Management, who led the driver app development team, said: “It became increasingly apparent to us that growing numbers of our drivers were communicating directly with us via their smart phones to search for and share data directly with us.
“We wanted to ensure that we effectively supported this latest communication trend and developed the app to make it easier for drivers to communicate with us and, in turn, us with them.

Also inclusive is the ability for Fleet Logistics to communicate directly with drivers via broadcast messaging and to highlight important communications, or hot topics, such as the need to switch tyre-types for example.

The app provides drivers with direct online access to data that is also held within the Fleet.Online driver portal, and they can see relevant details about themselves and their vehicles through either means.

Information is also available about suppliers, including leasing company and other suppliers, vehicle costs, the tax situation for the vehicle and all company fleet policy information. Drivers are also provided with details of what to do in the event of an emergency such as a breakdown, as well as holding all service provider and insurance company details and clear, concise instructions on how to access these services.

Rainer Laber, CEO of Fleet Logistics, added: “This new driver app helps take our communication with drivers to another level, as well as providing them with easy and instant access to the information and data they need in relation to their company vehicle, at all times of the day or night.”

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