DG International’s Horizon platform brings transparency to the supply chain

Specialist freight forwarder DG International is launching Horizon, a cloud-based, single-platform solution bringing end-to-end digitisation, visibility and integration to supply chain management.

Designed with customer’s varied needs in mind, Horizon can be tailored to different business objectives. Rather than being an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution, the platform offers complete visibility over the supply chain enabling customers to request quotes, book shipments and manage freight movements online. Through Control Tower, Horizon’s satellite tracking system, customers can see exactly where their shipments are on each journey. In addition, the platform’s cloud-based advanced analytics and real-time reporting inform cost-saving decisions and drive business strategy.

supply chain

James Appleby, managing director at DG International, says: “Horizon is transforming the way we work, bringing increased efficiency and cohesion to our business processes, whilst still providing the human touch through dedicated account managers and operational contacts. Moving everything onto one digital platform with access to real-time data and insights means our customers will be able to improve margins, streamline their efforts and scale their businesses faster than ever before.

“Supply chain visibility is no longer a nice to have, but an essential capability to remain competitive. Our ambition has always been to bring the entire supply chain and all its processes together, accessible and connected on one screen. That is what Horizon does.”

Built through Salesforce by DG International’s software development partner Neurored, Horizon is also replacing the company’s internal software, consolidating sales and business processes, and freight management, including satellite tracking of the vessel through to final mile delivery.

“And this is only the beginning,” continues Appleby. “We will continue to invest in and enhance features for Horizon. For example, phase two of its development will see the use of artificial intelligence to predict changing weather conditions and alert DG International and our customers.”