LicenceCheck join Association for Driving Licence Verification

Monday, September 29, 2014 - 11:13
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LicenceCheck have been announced as one of the founding members of the new ‘Association for Driving Licence Verification’

The ADLV has been set up to maintain, monitor and develop standards across the industry with the DVLA, providing fleet users with secure access to licence data from the DVLA. The association was formed as a significant response to the abolition of the driving licence paper counterpart, which will no longer issued by the DVLA from January 2015.

Members of the ADLV are already significantly established providers in the driving licence checking industry through the DVLA’s Electronic Driver Entitlement Service (EDECS). To ensure the high standards are maintained and achieved, the ADLV will perform regular audits of members and engage in a strict code of conduct to ensure the DVLA’s standards are met.

Subject to consent by the licence holder, all ADLV members will supply customers with full licence details, schedule data re-checks and monitor licence holders dependent on driver risk profiles.

Richard Brown, the Managing Director of LicenceCheck Ltd said: “The ADLV has been established to promote and encourage best practice within the driving licence checking and verification industry for all those that continue to validate driver entitlement to improve road safety […] Consent will still be required from the licence holder to conform to Data Protection, but it is envisaged that the current D796 form will no longer be required.”

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