Venson Hosts RoSPA Regional Managing Occupational Road Risk Training

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 09:27
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Venson Automotive Solutions continues to place an emphasis on the importance of driver safety by hosting the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) training course Managing Occupational Road Risk, for staff driving on company business.

The training course is designed to assist individuals who manage a vehicle fleet or supervise company drivers. It provides them with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage people who drive for work and gives best practice advice. The course enables delegates to understand the influence they have on safety culture and driver behaviour so they can understand the changes they can make in their organisation to help lower the risk of accidents for company drivers.

The session focuses on the importance of effective leadership in creating an accident free culture, as well as understanding why collisions occur and the human factors that can cause drivers to crash. Attendees are introduced to the financial impact of accidents to a business, as well as compliance and the law. They will also receive practical advice on driver management and methods to reduce road risk and costs.

Alison Bell, Marketing Director for Venson Automotive Solutions, explains, “The DfT reveals the average cost to society of a fatal road accident is in excess of £2 million1, with even slight injuries costing over £16,0001 per casualty. A damage only accident costs an average of £2,2711. By providing managers with best practice advice, our course helps them to understand the influence they have on driver behaviour and encourages higher safety standards for company car and grey fleet drivers.”

Average value of prevention1* per reported casualty and per reported road accident**:

Accident/casualty type Cost per casualty Cost per accident
Fatal 1,897,128 2,130,921
Serious 213,184 243,634
Slight 16,434 25,450
Average for all severities 64,726 90,424
Damage only 2,271

1 Prevention can be interpreted in two ways here: on the one hand it is the amount of money the Government

should spend to likely prevent all road accidents. On the other hand it can be considered as the loss to

society due to the current level of road accidents.

* The costs were based on 2017 prices and values

** The number of reported road accidents were based on 2017 data

Source: Department for Transport –

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