Deloitte Brexit automotive industry insights

Monday, October 7, 2019 - 08:15
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With the UK’s default to leave the EU without a deal, Deloitte has published a series of quick-read ‘Industry Insights’.

These summarise the implications of a no-deal Brexit on each UK industry sector, including automotive. The papers provide practical guidance to help businesses prepare, including immediate actions to take and suggested additional reading.

Amanda Tickel, global Brexit lead at Deloitte: “While the outcome of Brexit is unclear, we are advising businesses to plan for a range of scenarios, including no deal, to ensure preparedness for whatever the outcome may be. It’s vital that businesses across all industries are ready. The key is to identify actions of no-regret – those steps that divert as little resource as possible, and potentially add value whatever direction Brexit heads. Profound change is coming, but the levers are with business.”

Deloitte’s ‘Industry Insights’

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