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Taking back control of customs clearance

Jun 15, 2020No Comments

While the topic of Brexit has taken somewhat of a backseat over recent months with the impact of Covid-19, we remain in the period of

Fleets already paying the price for Brexit

Dec 19, 2019Comments off

The cost of owning and running a car has soared since the Brexit referendum in June 2016, according to new research by Vantage Leasing. Political


Only ambitious Brexit deal will safeguard j...

Nov 28, 2019Comments off

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has this evening urged all parties to put UK Automotive at the heart of their economic and

Preparing for Brexit: How to Be a Flexible ...

Oct 16, 2019Comments off

It is a foregone conclusion that no fleet manager in the UK can afford to sit back and simply wait for the effects of a


UK auto gives reality check on ‘no deal...

Oct 15, 2019Comments off

With fewer than 20 days to go before the UK is due to leave the EU, the British automotive industry is today urging an end

Nissan boss says no-deal Brexit could make ...

Oct 11, 2019Comments off

No-deal Brexit tariffs of 10 per cent on vehicles would be unsustainable for Nissan in Europe, where it runs Britain’s biggest car factory, the Japanese company warned on Thursday. The

Brexit – a logistics nightmare

Oct 08, 2019Comments off

Challenge-trg Group, one of the UK’s leading logistics recruitment and distribution companies, has today unveiled plans to prepare its staff for Brexit, as the extension

Deloitte Brexit automotive industry insight...

Oct 07, 2019Comments off

With the UK’s default to leave the EU without a deal, Deloitte has published a series of quick-read ‘Industry Insights’. These summarise the implications of

UK auto industry SMEs under threat of Brexi...

Sep 27, 2019Comments off

We reported earlier this week that European automotive leaders were united in getting a deal over Brexit. Ediz Fahri, Senior Economist at Dun & Bradstreet says


EU automotive leaders call to avoid a ̵...

Sep 23, 2019Comments off

With just over one month to go before the UK is due to leave the EU, the European automotive industry today made a united call

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