Construction sector uses strong 2014 to review fleet operations

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 15:00
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Investment is needed to make sure that companies are in the best shape to thrive during the next few years

The construction sector used a relatively strong 2014 to invest in reviewing fleet operations, reports fleet software specialist Chevin Fleet Solutions.

The company says that this was the first time following the recession that construction companies had the means to take a fresh and thorough look at how they run their commercial vehicles, cars and plant.

Ashley Sowerby, managing director, said: “Clearly, construction had a really rough ride throughout the recession and fleet operations suffered as a result. Vehicle lives were frequently extended on a short term basis, for example, and there were few opportunities to examine policies covering key areas such as overall environmental impact.

“However, this pattern appeared to finally change in 2014, according to feedback from the construction companies with which we work. There was sufficient funding and breathing space available to take a ground-upwards look at fleet operations.”

Important areas that were given the most attention included vehicle replacement cycles, CO2 footprint, compliance with legislation and various schemes, and accident management.

Ashley said: “Additionally, there is a growing recognition in the sector about the need for better management of accident risk, both in terms of reducing the likelihood of incidents and also getting vehicles back on the road more quickly when they do occur. Again, technology available through fleet software is playing an important role in making this possible.”

The news comes as there appears to be a recognition within the industry that business levels may well fall away again and that investment was needed to make sure that companies were in the best shape to thrive during the next few years.

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