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Friday, September 30, 2022 - 11:23
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Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics – Green Fleet Dashboard

In today’s climate, fleet managers want to know how they can run a successful fleet easily, while reducing their carbon footprint at the same time – they can with Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics.

In the business world, all sizes of company, are looking more closely than ever at how they can help to tackle climate change. Whether it’s meeting their own corporate sustainability targets or finding innovative ways to respond to government policies, fleet managers in the public and private sector want to know more on how they can measure and monitor their own environmental impact – and what they can do more to improve.

Reducing carbon emissions… where to start

It’s quite simple – as a fleet manager, you can do this with the Green Fleet Dashboard (GFD) from Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics. It’s a tool that fleet operators can use to make their fleets more environmentally-friendly. Plus save on fuel costs which is welcome relief with rising fuel costs.

You can get access to the telematics-based Green Fleet dashboard as part of Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics – as a fleet manager, it will give you:

  • the ability to track your fleets progress on fuel use and environmental footprint
  • use the data insights to monitor the success of green initiatives such as anti-idling policies and electrification and compare progress with similar fleets.
Greenfleet Dashboard

Fig.1 – Showing Working example – For Illustration Purposes only

Understanding how sustainable your fleet is

With Green Fleet Dashboard, you’ll be able to find out:

  • How your average fleet fuel economy improves over time
  • How much your vehicles are idling
  • Your Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle carbon footprint
  • Your drivers’ behaviours
  • How your fleet compares with similar fleets
  • How to increase your Electric Vehicle (EV) utilisation
  • How much your EVs help to lower fuel costs and emissions

With the kind of insight that the Green Fleet Dashboard gives you, you can:

  • analyse your fleets performance
  • identify opportunities for improving, and
  • set a new goal or target

For those managers, looking to electrify your fleet, you can pair the dashboard with an Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment to identify the best vehicles to replace with EVs.

5 key things to focus on for sustainable fleet management

As a fleet manager, you might be thinking that putting a sustainable fleet strategy in place isn’t cost effective. Well, you might want to think again. As well as reducing your carbon footprint and meeting your emissions targets – having a more sustainable fleet can actually help you to make real cost savings too.

Here’s 5 ways to do that with any fleet size

  1. Knowing how to be more fuel efficient

It’s important, right? Yes, but knowing how to do that might be a little trickier. You’ll need a view on how much fuel your fleet is using and why – you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Telematics will give you that. When you understand vehicle fuel use and the reasons behind that, then you can take steps to make business decisions to make changes e.g., having real-time driver feedback, so you work with your drivers to change the way they drive for the better, such as reducing harsh braking or slower cornering. Making driving safer in the process too.

  1. Getting the best out of using your fleet vehicles

Getting the right size fleet for your business and using fleet assets in the right way, means that it’s more likely that your investments are going to the right places. Plus, making sure that vehicles are being used in the right way, means that you’re getting the most for your return on your fleet investment.

If you know how your vehicles are being used, then you’ll be able to:

  • identify vehicles that could be repurposed
  • rotate vehicles to manage downtime and
  • see how conditions impact trips to inform how shifts could be changed

Plus, with EVs in your fleet, for example, you’ll be able to maximise electric miles and shift use from combustion vehicles to EV, to improve your ROI – this can help lower overall operating costs and emissions.

  1. Reduced fuel consumption with better route planning

Better route planning plays a major role in increasing efficiencies with fleets, including decrease in fuel consumption and reduced stress for drivers – resulting in safer driving practices.

You’ll also be able to make sure that the vehicles your business uses on the routes, are the most efficient ones to use. With different makes, models and sizes of EVs becoming increasingly available, which leads to more choice for fleet managers, it’s important to know that you’re using the right ones for your journeys.

  1. Safer drivers, greener fleet

Knowing about the way your fleet team are driving, means that you can support your team to make positive changes like reducing harsh braking or cornering, acceleration and speeding.

Drivers adopting a more environmentally friendly driving style not only helps fleets become more sustainable but helps your business to be more efficient and save on costs.

  1. Going electric

Making the move over from ICE to EV’s will help to reduce fleet emissions. A good place to start is to identify where EVs are best suited for your fleet and where an EV can do, the job at an equivalent or lower total cost of ownership.

To get started, the electric vehicle Suitability Assessment analyses your fleet to provide EV recommendations.

To find out more on Vodafone Business Fleet Analytics, including the Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment and Green Fleet Dashboard click here – all you need to do is give us your details and our Fleet Product Sales Specialist team will be in touch.

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