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Mastering Fleet: free training course for fleet managers

Friday, August 26, 2022 - 06:09
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Fleet management can be a major learning curve for those new to the field. Even fleet veterans who have been in their role for a while can find themselves working against a fast-moving current of new information, tools, and technology that never seems to slow down. To make matters more difficult, it can often be challenging to find resources that can make them feel more prepared for the task at hand.

To that end, Fleetio has introduced a new educational platform designed to give fleet managers the push they need to feel confident as they call the shots for their operation. “Masters of Fleet” can offer a fresh perspective on some of the basic principles of fleet management, from controlling expenses to being a better leader on a team of technicians and operators.

Walt Thompson

Walt Thompson

Walt Thompson, a fleet manager with over 20 years of industry experience, leads participants through 5 different areas of fleet to help other fleet managers work through some of the most common roadblocks in their day-to-day jobs, including:

  • Asset and Team Management – How to manage fleet assets, as well as the people that use and repair them each and every day; calculating Total Cost of Ownership and other vital metrics; managing personnel and implementing processes
  • Fleet Maintenance – Tracking assets’ maintenance data; prioritising proactive maintenance over reactive repairs; managing in-house vs. outsourced maintenance
  • Petrol Management – Budgeting for petrol; exploring bulk purchasing, petrol cards, alternative fuel options
  • Data and Reporting – What to look for in fleet management software; navigating internal communication and data transparency; automating data reports
  • Fleet Technology – Optimising adoption with onboarding and support services; conducting team trainings; collecting feedback from your team

The course is meant to fill the gaps of continued education that fleet managers have access to, addressing both practical skills like reporting and budgeting as well as soft skills, like how to deal with imposter syndrome and handle communication with higher-ups confidently. The series, entitled “Basic Principles of Fleet Management,” is the first in “Masters of Fleet,” with more deep dives and instructional content to follow in the future.

“Masters of Fleet” is a free resource, so interested fleet managers can sign up and start watching immediately with no strings attached.

Peyton Panik is a content marketing specialist for Fleetio, a fleet management software company that helps organisations track, analyse and improve their fleet operations.

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