Large van being cleaned using Hydroloop

Dropless launches Hydroloop for eco-friendly HGV fleet cleaning

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 - 06:55
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Dropless announces the launch of Hydroloop, a closed-loop and ‘contactless’ cleaning process for HGVs that utilises an eco-friendly solution and filtration system to recycle and reuse water. It is estimated that the HGV industry could potentially save at least 296 million* litres of water and £14 million** per year in driving hours that are lost travelling to and from traditional HGV wash stations.

Hydroloop’s water recycling system offers HGV fleet owners a way to save time and money and significantly decrease CO2 emissions, water wastage, chemical processing and time spent driving to and from HGV wash stations. By coming to the vehicle’s location, Hydroloop offers a convenient option that also reduces driving time for already time-poor HGV drivers.

Hydroloop’s ‘contactless’ cleaning technique uses an eco-friendly solution that gently lifts dirt, enabling fleets to be spotlessly cleaned through rinsing alone – guaranteeing a thorough, eco-friendly clean without the risk of abrasive marks being left on the vehicle. Combined with a bespoke closed-loop water filtration system, Hydroloop filters dirty water collected in a ‘reclaim mat’ and recycles it for immediate reuse.

Designed with fleet owners and managers in mind, Hydroloop is a mobile service which allows companies to easily manage the care and cleanliness of their vehicles. Hydroloop vans are fully equipped with everything needed to deliver HGV cleaning at a location of choice. Due to its closed loop system the Dropless team can be totally self-sufficient, removing the need for on-site power, water or drainage.

Mike Grindy, Founder of Dropless, said: “With the entire haulage industry looking for ways to make transportation lower carbon in order to help achieve net zero targets, Hydroloop promises a fast, eco-friendly and practical alternative to traditional HGV washing. Added together, the time spent travelling to, and waiting around at static wash stations is a massive money and time waster, not to mention the huge volumes of water wasted. Our closed loop, mobile system means we can get vehicles cleaned and back on the road more quickly and efficiently, whilst helping HGV fleet owners to reduce their carbon emissions.”

*Potential water saving calculation: There are 493,600 commercial vehicles over 3.5-tonnes registered in the UK. A conservative estimate of each vehicle being cleaned once every six months = 987,200 cleans per year or 296 million litres of water (

**Potential fleet saving calculation: The average travel time to a fixed-location HGV wash station is 40 minutes, with queuing and cleaning taking approximately 20 minutes = 60 minutes in total. Based on an average HGV salary of £32,500 per year (, contracted to 45 hours per week, this works out at £13.89 per hour, or £13,712,208 for 987,200 washes per year. This cost calculation doesn’t account for lost revenue, fuel or downtime of HGVs, or additional salary costs of lorry drivers or technical engineers.

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