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Activa Contracts launches new initiative recognising safest drivers

In an effort to ensure safer drivers in their clients’ fleets are properly rewarded and commended, Activa Contracts is sponsoring a new initiative with its risk management partner, Lightfoot.

The ‘Activa Contracts Lightfoot Drivers’ League’ rewards one driver each week from the many fleets using both Activa contracted company cars and vans and Lightfoot’s driver behaviour technology.

Currently more than 2,200 drivers are eligible for the weekly draw with the number of company car and van drivers increasing all the time as more of Activa Contracts’ fleet customers recognise the benefits of fitting vehicles with Lightfoot.

Winners will be selected from all Activa Contracts’ clients who have Lightfoot installed in their vehicles – with one key stipulation. Each week’s winner must reach ‘Elite Driver’ status – Lightfoot’s gold standard for performance – by achieving a Lightfoot score of 85% or above. Those who reach that target achieve the greatest savings in fuel and emissions and are eligible for additional, exclusive rewards from Lightfoot and its partners.

The new prize represents another step taken by Activa Contracts to actively promote safer driving across its customer base, having announced at the end of 2018 that it would continue its sponsorship of Lightfoot’s Fleet Manager of the Week prize, designed to reward managers of safer fleets. Activa Contracts’ commitment to rewarding both managers and drivers in its clients’ fleets will see the company sponsor more than 100 prizes in 2019.

As one of the UK’s best-known vehicle leasing and fleet management companies, Activa Contracts work with some of the largest commercial fleets across the country. The company has a number of industry partners, including AA and Bott, and is keen to engage as many clients as possible with its risk management partner, Lightfoot, as it will benefit both parties – improving operations for clients and protecting its assets. That is because Lightfoot is proven to help users reduce fuel use and emissions rates by as much as 20%, whilst also reducing the risk of at-fault accidents by 40%.

Martin Kadhim, director at Lightfoot, said: “To have a partner that appreciates and really understands the value of rewarding better driving, not just promoting it, makes a world of difference. All of the team at Activa Contracts really get what we are trying to achieve at Lightfoot and its continued support means we are able to deliver a greater service to our deserving clients.”

Lightfoot has been helping Activa Contracts clients improve emissions and road safety since launching in 2013, with its official 2019 Driver of the Year coming from one such organisation. The two businesses have been working in partnership since 2017 and are expanding their working relationship heading into 2019.

Lisa Temperton, Sales and Marketing Director at Activa Contracts, said: “We are delighted to be supporting safer, smoother fleets with the prizes we are offering through Lightfoot. We are serious about our partnerships – if we weren’t convinced by the results our clients see with Lightfoot, we wouldn’t keep working with them, but the results we have seen have been significant. We’re excited to see how 2019 develops for all of our clients and partners and we look forward to supporting them in many ways, be it prizes with Lightfoot or any number of other initiatives.”

To find out more visit www.activacontracts.co.uk and www.lightfoot.co.uk/fleets

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