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WATCH Woman Narrowly Escape Death

Feb 07, 2018Comments off

A VIRAL video shows the terrifying moment a woman narrowly escapes injury after a lorry slams into the side of her car.

Innovative Window Hammock For Cats On The G...

Feb 01, 2018Comments off

Cats taking a pleasure drive from the comforts of an in-car hammock is the video that animal lovers everywhere have been waiting for.

Thug Smashes Police Car Window With A Brick

Jan 25, 2018Comments off

A thug was filmed hurling bricks at a police car, jumping on the roof and dancing on the car.

Car Hits Black Ice And Loses Control

Jan 23, 2018Comments off

A viral video has captured the scary moment a car loses control on black ice on a highway.

Tesla Model X Tows A 35,000lb Semi Truck

Jan 18, 2018Comments off

A man was able to pull off the seemingly impossible as he towed an enormous semi truck with his electric Tesla Model X 4x4.

Truck Carrying Thousands Of Chickens Crashe...

Jan 16, 2018Comments off

The clean-up is continuing after a truck carrying thousands of chickens crashed over the side of an overpass in Geelong, scattering crates of chickens across

Smart Car Fits Into Impossibly Small Gap

Jan 08, 2018Comments off

A Smart car driver was caught on camera squeezing into a tiny parking place - and crashing into other vehicles in the very bumpy process.

Major Crash Hospitalising One Child

Jan 04, 2018Comments off

CCTV of the incident shows a black car parked on the side of Thornton Road in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Santa’s New Ride

Dec 19, 2017Comments off

I caught Santa driving a Jeep with no roof, doors, or windshield.

Oversized Christmas Tree On Top Of Car Caug...

Dec 15, 2017Comments off

With more and more consumers now shopping online, retailers have increased their delivery charges - and some people just aren't willing to pay it.

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