UTAC open new powertrain testing centre for...

Sep 09, 2021No Comments

UTAC has officially opened its all new 4WD VTEC (Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber) facility, allowing truck engineers to conduct a wider range of powertrain tests

van fleet

Is your van fleet safe, legal and cost-effe...

Aug 31, 2021No Comments

The number of vans on UK roads has shot up by 50 per cent in the last ten years. Huge growth in the service sector


DVSA: Removing roadworthiness prohibitions

May 24, 2021Comments off

From 1 June 2021, any prohibitions for testable vehicles or trailers that are not cleared at the roadside will be referred for a prohibition removal


Suspension of driver and vehicle testing sh...

Apr 01, 2021Comments off

The extent of the pandemic’s impact on DVSA coffers has been revealed in a Parliamentary minute, which confirmed that the testing and enforcement agency will


Licence Check introduces roadworthiness che...

Jul 20, 2020Comments off

Licence Check is introducing a new roadworthiness check feature for company and grey fleet drivers that helps address concerns that growing numbers of cars could