Yandex Voice Activated In-Car Infotainment Solution

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 17:30
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Yandex today announces Yandex.Auto, a multifunctional voice-controlled solution for connected car multimedia systems.

Yandex created the new solution to help car manufacturers enhance the multimedia functions in their internet-enabled vehicle with a voice interface that comes with a range of car-friendly software, currently including navigation, internet radio, and weather information.

Powered by Yandex’s stack of speech technologies, SpeechKit, Yandex.Auto enables the car’s multimedia system to respond to drivers’ voice commands.

Drivers can verbally interact with Yandex.Auto to plan a route, follow directions, choose background music, switch radio stations, check weather, search for the nearest petrol station or find out the driving distance to a place, while maintaining their focus on the road.

The new Yandex solution displays up to three types of information on a single screen and notifies the driver of new important information, such as incoming calls on their bluetooth-connected phone.

“We are excited to offer car manufacturers an off-the-shelf solution that incorporates some of the most popular apps for the automotive market. With Yandex.Auto, car manufacturers can conveniently offer their customers their favourite Yandex services directly on the screen of their multimedia system. Moreover, Yandex.Auto can be individually customized for each new car model. Manufacturers can choose to add their own applications or use a branded design for the system’s user interface. Yandex.Auto also supports manufacturers with their customer communications through personal notifications, such as reminders for vehicle inspections,” says Andrey Vasilevsky, head of Yandex Automotive Lab.

The Toyota Camry Exclusive and the Toyota RAV4 are expected to hit the Russian market in October with Yandex.Auto on board. Yandex has also signed agreements with Jaguar Land Rover, AvtoVaz, Ford and Kamaz to integrate Yandex.Auto.

Manufacturers can integrate the full-fledged infotainment solution into their multimedia system or opt to simply use Yandex’s navigation, music and weather apps available by connecting the system to the driver’s smartphone via a USB cable. The Range Rover Velar will start utilizing this option by offering Yandex.Navigator to Russian drivers in October.

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