WheelRight to hit forecourts after gaining ATEX accreditation

Friday, May 30, 2014 - 13:00
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REVOLUTION: WheelRight can now hit forecourts

WheelRight are aiming to change the way motorists check vehicle tyre pressures after achieving ATEX Class 2 certification for their monitoring system.

The accreditation enables the system to be placed on forecourts throughout the world; making manual tyre checks ‘a thing of the past’, according to WheelRight.

The WheelRight solution comprises a sensory pad that is embedded into the road, at a point where vehicles enter or leave a facility or forecourt.

There are no sensors on the vehicle, yet as the device is driven over, ‘in-motion’ measurements of the tyre pressures, are acquired and analysed.

Within seconds, readings can be delivered direct to the driver’s mobile phone.

For the system to be widely used on a petrol station forecourt, the system has undergone the ATEX accreditation process.

This confirms that the equipment is intrinsically safe and enables it to be placed within potentially explosive atmospheres, such as proximity to petrol pumps.

In order to gain the accreditation WheelRight’s technology had to undergo a series of rigorous tests.

Having passed, the system can now be used at petrol stations to measure the vehicles tyre pressures, without the driver having to leave the vehicle.

The tyre pressures can be advised to the driver by a display and printout at the till or by means of a text message to a mobile phone.

John Catling, Chief Executive of WheelRight, said: “Receiving the ATEX accreditation is a landmark achievement for WheelRight, as it confirms that the system is fit for purpose and can be installed on forecourts throughout the world.

“The ability to install it on  forecourts means that every time a driver fills up with fuel there is the opportunity to check tyre pressures without any hassle and complication, which will help motorists to avoid endangering themselves and other road users.”

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