VUE launch new smartphone app


MD: Glen Mullins, of VUE

In-vehicle CCTV and telematics expert Vision Unique Equipment (VUE) are extending their range with a new smartphone application.

The VUEtrak app provides the capability for fleet managers to monitor their charges from a PC or smartphone.

It has been developed following positive feedback from commercial fleet owners on VUEtrak, the company’s tracking and telematics system.

Thousands of vehicles have already been installed with the system, enabling UK and European fleet managers to determine vehicle locations, as well as gain an insight into driver behaviour and CO2 emissions.

The system also creates incident text alerts to notify businesses if a fleet vehicle has been involved in an accident or incident, as well as panic button text alert for driver safety.

Glen Mullins, Managing Director of VUE said: “VUEtrak is a great tracking telematics tool for both fleet managers and drivers.

“Developing the smart phone application for this service means that managers can get real time insight wherever they are from the convenience of their smartphone.

“Working with fleet managers from commercial fleets, UK ambulance services and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency we have found the integration of telematics is the crucial first step for managing risk.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

“That’s why VUEtrak has the capability to produce driver score reports based on driving style and performance.

“These reports assist in identifying a fleet’s exposure to risk whilst increasing safety for drivers.”

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