TomTom launch new road toll reporting function

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 11:00
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UPDATE: TomTom add functionality

TomTom are aiming to provide businesses with greater cost transparency for European routes by launching road toll reporting functionality for their fleet management platform.

WEBFLEET truck toll reporting provides a real-time breakdown of the toll costs incurred for each trip, allowing transport companies to better manage expenses and provide customers with transparent invoices.

The functionality accounts for all applicable national tolls in France, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

It will also cover the proposed French Ecotaxe, reporting on the CO2 emissions for each trip and estimating the total costs.

Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director of TomTom Business Solutions, said: “Cost management is crucial for transport companies who are operating on tight profit margins.

“TomTom’s latest feature provides actionable data that enables businesses to demonstrate precisely where and when toll charges have been incurred, vital particularly if these costs are to be passed on to the customer.”

WEBFLEET truck toll reporting adds to TomTom’s suite of applications designed specifically for the transport sector.

This includes connectivity with the truck’s FMS interface for comprehensive diagnostics reporting and the ability to send pre-defined routes to a driver’s navigation device.

Meanwhile, WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager supports remote and manual download, archiving and analysis of tachograph data.

TomTom’s fleet management solution is also capable of integrating with the leading route-planning software, as well as a host of other office applications.

Truck toll reporting is now available as a paid add-on to TomTom’s standard WEBFLEET platform.

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