Thatcham encourage consumer scrutiny with overhauled website vehicle safety search

Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 08:22
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SEARCH: Thatcham Head of IT, Daniel Payne

Thatcham are giving consumers a new level of vehicle safety insight after an upgraded online search function was built into their new website.

The vehicle safety, security and repair specialist have released an improved version of their ‘My Vehicle’ tool as part of their full website overhaul.

Searchable vehicle safety information on the system includes insurance grouping, Autonomous Emergency Braking fitment, whiplash safety and security ratings.

Daniel Payne, Head of IT at Thatcham, said: “The website update is a major step forward in bringing Thatcham’s online presence up-to-date, allowing us to deliver a range of exciting, new online features.

“The ‘My Vehicle’ application gives people the ability to find out in-depth information about the safety of either their own car, or one they are looking to buy.

“With these details users will be able to make a more informed choice on something which can ultimately affect the safety of them and their whole family.

“We wanted an engaging, new website with a modern look and feel, but at the heart of everything was the visitor experience.

“We know that our website serves a wide mix of visitors including repairers, insurers, vehicle manufacturers, motorists and media outlets.

“The challenge was in demonstrating exactly how Thatcham’s work touches all these groups and making it easy for visitors to find the content they came for.”

Other new website functions include an ‘Insights, Papers and Research’ area where visitors can keep up with technical manufacturing developments and automotive issues of the day.

Navigation across the site has also improved as a result of the extensive development and redesign project.

Meanwhile, a refresh and rationalisation of content brings the site up-to-date and accurately reflects the evolving Thatcham Research product and service offering.

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