Technology investment key to Days Contract Hire growth

Friday, February 14, 2014 - 15:00
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PROMISE: Caroline Wright, of Days

Days Contract Hire are aiming to expand their fleet management business by investing in cutting-edge internet-based technology.

The vehicle leasing provider have recently introduced Jaama’s Key2 leasing and vehicle management system to deliver their range of products and services.

Caroline Wright, Operations Manager at Days Contract Hire, claims such introduction of technology is providing the catalyst for growth.

Ms Wright added that Days are reaping the benefits of the addition of a client ‘dashboard’, Fleet Space, in particular.

The tool provides direct online access to a suite of reports delivering, in real-time, comprehensive information on every conceivable issue relating to vehicles and drivers.

Ms Wright said: “Fleet Space is being rolled out to all customers and the whole system has transformed our ability to offer fleet management and a comprehensive range of other services.

“Fleet managers are able to view via Fleet Space live data on their fleet and are warned of upcoming events by way of a traffic light system.

“Order tracking, copy invoices and driver licence checks are fully visible all supported by a comprehensive suite of reports.

“The quality and quantity of data that Days Contract Hire can now provide is market-leading thus delivering significant benefits to clients.

“Key2 also delivers major administrative efficiencies internally and improved visibility of the wide range of assets that we own.

“Until the introduction of Key2, our fleet clients had to request management information from ourselves.

“We would produce those reports manually but the data was not ‘live’ nor in such detail as now.”

In addition to fleet management, Days’ range of ancillary services includes accident management, short-term hire, driver licence checking, fines management, fuel card provision, a 24hour driver helpline and vehicle downtime management.

Additional services are anticipated to be launched later in 2014.

“We see fleet management as a major growth area for Days Contract Hire as existing contract hire customers access the service, and from prospects that may currently purchase vehicles or use another funder,” added Ms Wright.

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