Storm Eleanor – Keeping Safe In High Winds

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - 16:30
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With Storm Eleanor hitting many parts of the UK, and a number of lorries blowing over in high winds as a result, this is a good time to remind ourselves of what to do to keep safe on the road:

In severe windy conditions, avoid exposed areas such as high-level bridges, viaducts or open stretches of road, especially if you are in a high-sided vehicle.

Curtain-sided vehicles are particularly vulnerable to high cross-winds. If your trailer is empty you can reduce the risk of being blown over by tying back the curtains. Please assess the risk and follow your safe working procedures before doing so.

Often with high winds comes the risk of flooding. It’s always best to avoid driving in flooded areas but if it’s unavoidable be cautious and expect the unexpected; rivers and streams may suddenly rise and break their banks, and a flooded road may be deeper than you think.

Always be aware of vulnerable road users in severe weather conditions, especially cyclists and pedestrians.

Consider rerouting or rescheduling where necessary.

The Met Office has warned that delays on roads and ferries can be expected. Air and rail services may also be affected by the weather.

Winds are expected to die down by Thursday (4 January), but the weekend will see temperatures fall considerably across the UK.

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