‘Stop And Breathe’: Volkswagen Keeping Commercial Vehicles Cool

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - 10:53
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vw stop and breathe

With summer now officially here, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has launched a campaign to help van owners ensure their vehicles are not only safe, but also offer a comfortable and productive working environment. Throughout June and July, owners of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ products will be able to take advantage of the ‘Stop and Breathe’ offer to have their vehicle’s brake fluid changed and air conditioning serviced for just £99 at Van Centres across the UK.

Keeping employees safe and productive while on the road is a key responsibility for any employer, and during hot summers, drivers can struggle to keep focused while driving. Safety organisation ROSPA suggests that 20 per cent of road accidents on major roads are fatigue related.

In a hot vehicle, drivers can feel sleepy or irritable, making it harder for them to drive safely. While the only real cure for fatigue is sleep, efficient air conditioning can help keep drivers fresh and alert whilst driving and help to provide a more comfortable working environment, boosting safety as well as employee productivity.

A rise in temperature can also have an effect on other areas of a vehicle. Worn brake components or fluid that’s too old or has sunk below the minimum level can affect how quickly your van stops (a spongy brake pedal could indicate a problem here). Changing the fluid will help a vehicle brake more efficiently.

With this in mind, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is encouraging all van owners to have their vehicles checked and, where required, have their air conditioning system serviced and brake fluid changed. It’s important these things are checked at least every two years to make sure they’re working properly and to maintain the safety of the vehicle.

Before 29 July, the cost of the ‘Stop and Breathe’ service will be only £99 at a Volkswagen Van Centre. During the appointments technicians will drain and re-charge the systems, examine hoses and check for any leaks.

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