SMMT Transport News Brief

Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 16:20
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Anyone who thinks the commercial vehicle industry is dull or old-fashioned clearly hasn’t seen the huge volume of innovation the sector brings to the global automotive industry – leading the way in emissions, safety and autonomous technology.

This innovation is then passed down to smaller vehicles, but can only be refined in bigger ones because of the size and scale of what’s needed to test it in the first place.

We’ve seen three examples of this just this week, with the start of biogas-powered lorry trials in the UK, a driverless bus going into production by a French company in the US and the first ever 3D-printed metal vehicle parts being produced in Germany.

All of these innovations are the result of companies working together to achieve objectives that can be deployed around the world, something we need to keep sight of more than ever in the current climate.

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