Short-term lease and daily rental key fleet priorities, Grosvenor survey reveals


KEY: Grosvenor reveal fleet priorities

Fleet operators are making short-term lease, daily rental and accident management their top priorities for the coming 12months, according to a new Grosvenor Contracts survey.

The contract hire and fleet management specialist asked respondents to rate the importance of the fleet services that support their main contract hire.

Short-term lease came out on top (51%), with second-placed accident management (50%) and third-placed daily rental (49%) close behind.

Shaun Barritt, Managing Director of Grosvenor Contracts, said: “There’s a sense of cautious optimism as we see economic conditions improving.

“However, no-one wants to over commit which is why the use of short term lease and daily rental is so popular, because both services give fleet operators flexibility and enable them to keep their options open.

“Accident management has always been seen as important, simply because accident costs can be so expensive and the process of handling any incident very time consuming.

“For this reason, it’s always been a service we’ve seen high demand for.”

In fourth place in the league table of fleet manager’s priorities was risk management (23%), with fuel cards (20%), grey fleet management (11%) and salary sacrifice (6%) close behind.

“Where we were a little surprised by the findings was with fuel cards, grey fleet management and risk management, where far less importance was placed on these than we anticipated,” added Mr Barritt.

“All of these services offer cost savings, efficiencies and a whole range of other advantages and perhaps the widespread benefits need to be better communicated, because clients who use these services wouldn’t be without them.”

Image courtesy of jonrawlinson, with thanks.

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