Ross Garrett take delivery of first Volvo trucks

Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 14:00
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MAIDEN: First Volvos in 20years for Ross Garrett

West Country operators Ross Garrett have taken delivery of their first Volvo trucks for twenty years.

The three high-spec, Euro VI-compliant, FH 6×2 tractor units were supplied by Truck and Bus Wales and West, Gurney Slade, near Bath.

Ross Garrett report fuel consumption to be up to 8.1mpg on a mix of low loader plant haulage and platform trailer work, transporting concrete pipes for major construction projects.

Following the death, earlier this year, of the company’s founder Ross Garrett, his son Luke has run the business.

Luke Garrett said things were tough in the initial months after the death of his father, but the future is looking bright for the Somerset haulier.

Two of the three new FH Volvos were purchased as special, ‘premium image’ trucks for two experienced drivers at Ross Garrett, Alan and Paul.

“I like to give all our drivers a good spec truck,” said Mr Garrett.

“Alan has been with us for 16years so we felt we needed to provide him with a top of the line truck to show our appreciation.

“Paul used to work for my father, although he has been away for a number of years.

“After my father passed away, Paul made the decision to come back to us, so we allocated one of the new Volvos to him in appreciation of his decision to support us.”

One of the trucks is a 500hp, Globetrotter XL-cabbed 6×2 mid-lift, which is used to transport concrete pipes.

The other two FHs are 6×2 tag-axle configuration, with Globetrotter cabs, 13litre 540hp engines, I-Shift automated gearboxes with Construction software and nine-tonne front-axles with steel wheels.

All the FHs are on three-year Volvo Gold Repair and Maintenance contracts, which include Volvo’s Uptime Assurance.

Maintenance is carried out at Truck and Bus Wales and West’s workshops.

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